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A group of Israeli Artists original from South America

Arteria was created in order to achieve common goals in Plastic Arts. Our first meeting took place in June 2004 in Rishon LeZion, and since then we hold meetings on a weekly basis.
We have organized with the goal of creating an array of mutual help, support and fruitful cooperation among the artists of Arteria in the areas of technical and theoretical knowledge, and in the organization of exhibitions. We would like to promote activities as:


  • Group exhibitions

  • Individual exhibitions

  • Nature sketching and drawing workshops

  • Organizing sale bazaars

Establishing an internet website is a first step in the exposure of our works in public. Most of the works on the site are for rent or for sale, which can be done by contacting the artists directly. The site will also deliver current information about the group’s activities.

 Aaron Barnea 

 Aida Stolar 

 Arnon Mogilner 

 Eli Diner 

 Diana Pomeranz Tzuk 

 Deborah Lubelski 

Isa Markovich

 Judith  Blech 

 Liliana Shaine 

 Vivian Hirsch Birkenfeld 

 Salome Achtsam 

 LIli Fisher 


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