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AAron barnea.



Born in Argentina. Alyiah in 1958.

Begun drawing very early but never studied Art systematically.

In the early eighties he participated in a painting workshop lead by Emanuela Solomon. Following the death of his youngest son Noam in Southern Lebanon, in April 1999, he returns to intensive painting. Between 1999-2004 he takes part in a painting workshop of the painter and sculptress Shlomit Averbuch, and participated in various group exhibitions.

In 2003 he exhibited at the Holon town hall a series of pastels and watercolor paintings under the title "Requiem to the Sands" dealing with the disappearance of the sands, the natural Holon landscape.

Aaron participated in workshops lead by the painters Edwin Solomon and Itamar Siani.

In 2005 he joined the Free Art Workshop lead by the painter Meira Ohad-Dori, and participated at various group exhibitions and two single exhibitions: the first, "Leaving – Staying" in 2007 at the Holon Steinberg Culture and Art Center , devoted to the memory of his son, Noam Barnea. The second single exhibition: "Peeking out" was held in the Art Gallery of Beth Yad Le'banim of Ramat Hasharon, in 2008.

Aaron Barnea is a member of the Holon Painters and Sculptors Association .  

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