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Lili fisher.

 Coleman Road 

Daddy's Whims

 Urban Scenes 

 Family Matters 

born in 1960 in Buenos Aires. She lives and creates in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lili studied Art in Haifa University (2012) and in an individual program at Midrasha LeOmanut - Beit Berl School of Arts (1999 - 2003). As an immigrant, she deals with questions of identity. Her artwork – painting, sketching, etching and collages – reflects the relationship between place, locality and her personal foreignness. Her work is figurative with expressive influences. Large canvases (2X3 meters) are created with shoe polish, divided into frames in a movie scenes mode, alongside small and intimate pieces. Her art world-content ranges between personal and social, with influences of social realism and pop culture.


Artist Statement

I'm occupied with memory. I act out of great passion to remember and with a similar amount of fear to forget the past. I paint specific images of places, scenes or portraits in the context of my life experiences. While creating art work, I cling to my memory and experience of it, with my senses. A memory without a sensory form of expression, interpretation, has little significance for me. 

Urban – 

Another feature that I can recognize in my art is the way I treat a single frame as a detail within a whole. For that reason, many times I cannot allow a painting of mine to be shown independently. I need a full environment, the whole picture that acts as a substitute to reality. That's why my urban canvases are built out of multiple frames or a series of numerous pieces of the same subject. 

Memory or Illusion – 

Recently I find myself repeatedly painting portraits of my Father, I left behind in Argentina. He is currently very elderly, and his physical health and spirits are poor. I'm worried. I'm distant. I hold on to what I have. Hence, my current work regarding my Father's portrait deals, once again, with memory, and the capturing of memories for the future that threatens to forget and erase. I take that mental state, and together with black-humor or self-humor I celebrate the delirium, my return to childhood, the regression. Sometimes that takes me from his hallucinations to mine. Memories and illusions mix, and not only his. 

Here and There – 

More and more I understand that the main question that is the recurrent motif in the Israeli culture is the relationship between "Here" and "There". As an immigrant I find myself dealing with mental and physical fluctuations between here and there. The tension has been discovered as one that begets and sustains the local culture. I identify with this tension and see it as principle and fruitful in my work, whether I am painting a "broken down" street in Tel Aviv, the view during times of war or my Father in the context of my childhood or a memory\illusion\dream. 

Artists which influence my work are great masters such as Matisse and Goya, and in the Israeli current scene I am influenced by Asad Azi, David Reev, Yair Garbuz and correspond with the work of Netally Scholsser and Ella Amitai-Sadovsky. 
Lili Fisher


2014: Art studies in the Individual Program - Yale University (New Haven CT, USA) (spring semester)
2011-2012: Art Studies, Haifa University (Haifa, Israel)
1999-2003: Individual Program, Midrasha LeOmanut (Beit Berl School of Arts, Israel)
1991: Education studies, Tel –Aviv University (M.A.) (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
1983: Communication Disorders, Tel-Aviv University (B.A) (Tel-Aviv, Israel)


Solo exhibitions

2016: "18 Partings from a Living Dad" - Artists' House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ruty Chinsky-Amitay
2012: "Grease" – Artists' House, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Tali Cohen-Garbuz.

Group exhibitions

2017: "Family Affair" - Azul Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Hanita Elizor
2016: "Map of the New Art" – Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice 
2016: "Belonging" – Rishon LeZion Museum. Curator: Carmel Gofer
2016: "Getting the Words Out" – Rishon LeZion Open Gallery. Curator: Shirel Safra
2016: "Packaging, Inc." – Hamerkazit Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Iris Hever
2016: "50 Shades of Grey" – The New Gallery of the Bat Yam Art Institute. Curator: Hanita Elizor
2016:  The Rubelle and Norman Schfler . The Art of Humanity at The Pratt Institute  
2016: "Iran Iran" – Kaay Institute, Beer Sheva. Curator: Nir Harmat
2016: "13 Vertebrae" – Cinemateque Jerusalem. Curator: Hagit Gaon 
2015: "Signs" – Gallery for Social Art, David Yellin College, Jerusalem
2014: "Where were you when it happened" – Zezeze Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Hagit Gaon
2012: "An External View" – Beit HaOmanim, Modiin Macabim Reut. Curator: Gabi Yair
2014: "Etching" – Artist Workshop, New-Haven, Connecticut, USA
2014: "In the Heaven of our Childhood" – HIT: Holon Institute of Technology. Curator: Mihal Hai
2014: "The Biblical Song" – The 12th Biennale of Illustration, Ra'anana
2013: "Bread and Roses" – Tel Aviv
2013: "Black White" – Beit HaOmanim Modiin Macabim Reut. Curator: Gabi Yair
2013: "A Woman is a Woman is a Woman" – Artists' House, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Iliya Vagdanovski
2011: "The Inner Space" – Gross Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Maya Cohen-Levy
2009: "Montefiore South" – Central Station, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Maya Cohen-Levy



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