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Isa Markovich.



Isa Markovich August 2017
Deguel Reuben 32 b Petah Tikva
Telefon 03-9210791
Born in Argentina.Immigrated to Israel in 1963.



Artistic education

Graduate of the Academy of fine arts,Buenos Aires.
Two years in the studio of the exile spanish painter Urruchua and, in parallel, sharing
a private studio with other painters.Composition course.
In Israel: painting workshops in Netanya and Tel-Aviv.
Two years workshop with Zvi Lahman at the Maierhof center of Tel-Aviv Museum.
From 1998 : Drawing and painting in the artist workshop of the Institute of Visual
Arts, guided by the Institute’s director, Yossi Mark. Including general art courses, and
on painting in particular, artist’s lectures and exhibition visits.
From 2003: Working in a private studio, kibbutz Givat Ha’Shlosha.



Group exhibitions

Participation in over 40 group exhibitions in various locations in Israel,and in Spain.
In the framework of the Cicla Organization, the Petah Tikva Artists, the Institute of
Visual Arts and Arteria group.



Solo exhibitions

2002 – Sharet Hall, Petah Tikva Municipality.
2004 – Petah Tikva Culture Center, curated by Doron Polak.
2004 – Alvarion Company, Tel-Aviv, curated by Doron Polak.
2004-5 – Globes Newspapers headquarters, curated by Doron Polak.
2005-6 – Paintings regularly exhibited at galleries in various branches of I. D. Design.
2006 – Exhibition at the home of Petah Tikva Artists Organization, over 50 portraits,
mostly oil and drawings.
2008 - Artura Gallery, curated by Esty Drori and Doron Polak
2008-2009 – Art center in Holon.
2009 – Alvarion Company, Tel-Aviv, curated by Doron Polak
Many paintings acquired by the Leumi Bank collection and other private collections.
2010 – Petah Tikva Culture Center, curated by Doron Polak.
Several other projects under way.
2012- Participation at program "Portraits" on T.V.
2014 - Exhibition at gallery "Anav" ,Tel Aviv.
2017 - Exhibition at gallery "Space", Tel Aviv.


Excerpts from the words of the curator, Doron Polak,
at the opening of the exhibition “Parenthood”

“The connection between children and their parents and the role and essence of
parenthood in our lives, at the beginning of this turbulent millennium, are the themes
of this exhibition…”
“…oil paintings that the artist has painted from her impression of photos taken by
herself earlier…”
“The paintings usually deal with episodes from the daily lives of children, where they
play, study, draw, spend time on the beach, and with their friends and families. Isa
Markovich paints in realistic style, on the border of naivete,with a tendency to detail
and emphasizing small nuances that are important to her. Shadowing the human body
on the ground, the color tones of the clothing of the main figures in her
paintings,often the details of their face wrinkles-those are only part of the subjects that
she deals with in order to enhance the experience of sensation that is bestowed to the
spectators of her work. Particular attention should be paid to the body contacts, the
embraces, caresses, and love that the members of the family are giving each other in
her paintings”.
“…her humanistic influences, related to the human way of life, love of the human
being, the need of human aid, support and love, all those are colorfully and
overwhelmingly expressed in this exhibition.” 



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