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Judith Blech.



Sculpting: The movement into the matter

The dialogue between myself and the matter is the way to signifies my point of view about the world, where movement on its all significance plays an important role.


There is no movement without matter and no matter without movement.

Life is movement and change


All around us is signed by the interaction between opposite forces which promote movement. Positive and negative, light and shadow, active and passive, male and female.


The oscillation of the spirit and the matter perform our souls and the all universe

in a series of never -ending spirals.


The art of sculpting is in effect the changing of matter and by doing so we create a world.

In my eyes the sculpting process resembles creation, the birth of a something new and exhilarating. Art connects me to a world of emotion, esthetics and the magic of form.


Judith Blech-

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Emigrate to Israel on 1976.

Lives and sculpts in Raanana, Israel.

2009-  Eshkol Pais- Nes Ziona

2009-  Eshkol Pais- Raanana

2010- 4+, The Four Elements of Nature, The Bible Museum, Tel Aviv

2009- 4+, The Four Elements of Nature, Artists House, Rehovot

Individual Exhibitions

Grupal Exhibitions



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