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Aida stolar.



Aida Stolar was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Member of the "Israel Miniature Art Society" (IMAS) and of “Impact”, the Professional Visual Artists Association, Israel.   



Solo Shows

2017  Four printing techniques, Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2012 "Contrapunto" Galería Latina, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2009 “Poles”, etching, Artist’s House, Tel Aviv, Israel. 

2008 Magna Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2004 “El color de mi mundo”, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2003 “My World in Colors”, Jerusalem, Israel.

2001 The Clore Center for arts, Kfar Blum, Israel.

Group exhibitions

Aida has participated in sixty one international exhibitions in Argentina, Germany, Macedonia, France, Uruguay, Holland, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, England and USA one of them at The Corcoran Gallery and Museum, Washington D.C. and sixty three exhibitions in Israel.

My creations

Ever since I was a child, painting, plastic arts, and esthetic expression have been my means of connection with my surroundings and the language I have used to express my innermost feelings


My creations develop from inside outwards. They do not copy reality, nor even colored with personal tones. They reflect my own emotions and creativity.


For long years I've been painting with oil, acrylic and water colors, for the last 12 years I've included the etching techniques.


Etching and mono prints allows the widest spectrum to accomplish my expectations.



Aida Stolar



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