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Cacho Monastirsky.



Trompe L'oeil


Cacho Monastirsky (Cacho Mon) born in January 25, 1952, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Since 2002 live in Beer-Sheva , Israel .
Studies: Faculty of Architecture, University of Buenos Aires (4 years).
Crafts Workshop: H??ctor Giuffre, Carolina Muchnik. Asoc. Est??mulo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires. 

Professional activities:
As from 1970, dedicated to Plastic Arts and Design, Developing the following trends: 
           Design and carrying out Murals in public and private abodes. 
           Group and individual Exhibitions of Paintings and Drawings. 
           Stage, costumes and masks design for the theatre and TV. 
           Costumes and Accessories design and textiles’ design. 
           Teaching in private workshops, specializing in:
           Courses of Drawing, Painting, Academic Composition and free-expression. 
           Techniques and Materials, Color Theory (J. Itten), Perspective, artistic Anatomy,
           Finishing, Costume design

his works are commented on in the media by recognized Argentinean critics. 

Member of the Israel Society of Painters and Sculptors



Sheraton Pilar Hotel, Argentina; Meli?? Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Central Bank of the Republic 
of Argentina; TV: Perla Negra (Black pearl),Milady and other programs in Argentina ; Murals for interior design
in private properties in Argentina , Uruguay and Israel .

Individual Exhibitions:
2005 “miklet 2 le omenut”,B”Sh,Israel. 
2004 cultural center”iud-aleph”,Beer-Sheva ,Israel. 
2003 “Lamai”, Art Center , Beer-Sheva , Israel . 2000 “Filo” Gallery, Buenos Aires. 
1999 “Hilda Solano” gallery, Buenos Aires. 
1989 “Recoleta Cultural Center”, Buenos Aires. 
1987 “Guiraldes” Gallery, “Velazquez” Gallery. 
1985 “V.E.A.” Gallery, Buenos Aires. 
         “Roberts Bank” Gallery, La Plata. 
         “Raquel Real” Gallery, Rosario.
         Nueva Manufacta” Gallery, Buenos Aires.


2000 International Biennial of Sacred Art, Buenos Aires . 
International Biennial of Sacred Art, Buenos Aires . 
International Biennial in La Habana, Cuba.

Group Exhibitions and Shows:
2005 studio”miklet 2 leomanut”,B”Sh, Israel . 
2004 ” Big Center,”B”Sh, Israel . 
         cultural center”iud-aleph”,B”Sh, Israel . 
2003 “Big center”, B-Sh , Israel . 
         City library, B-Sh , Israel . 
2000 “Filo” Gallery, Buenos Aires . 
         “Trench Gallery”, Punta del Este, Uruguay. 
1999 B.A. Art (H. Solano Gallery). 
         National Drawings Show. 
         National Paintings Show. Between 1977 and 1997 takes part in various First-rate Shows and Exhibitions

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