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Tova Bruck.


Gallery I


Tova Bruck graduated Seminar of Jewish teachers in Argentina and two years Midrasha. 
Worked as kindergarten-teacher and school-teacher in Argentina . 
Licensed as Travel Expert by Israel Ministry of Tourism . 
Worked in a travel agency. 

Painting and drawing studies in the following:
1990 - 1992 Popular University.
1992 - 1994 Institute of Arts in Bat-Yam with various painters.


Summer workshops at the Tel Aviv Museum and Kalisher school:
1994-1995 Workshop at the Tel Aviv Museum.
1995-1996 Drawing studies. 
1997 Workshop at the Association of Painters and Sculptors. 
1997- 1998 Kibbutz Artzi Artists workshop - one year screen prints work. 
1998 Kibbutz Artzi Artists summer course of curator.

Participate in Theoretical Art courses:
Tel Aviv Museum:
1991 Israeli Arts.
1991-1994 Arts in the rhythm of the time. 
2000 Paintings in exhibition. 

Tel Aviv University - external studies:
1992 - Ways of looking arts.

Tel Aviv University - Arts Faculty:
1997 - 2004 Several courses of arts. 


Sole Exhibition:

2003 - Beit Ali Gallery, Ashkelon.


Group exhibition:

2001- Beit Haam, Ashkelon.
2002- Beit Haam, Ashkelon. 
           Beit Daniel, Tel Aviv. 
           Binianei Haumah, Jerusalem. 
           Yad Lebanim, Ramat Gan. 
           Arts and Crafts Center, Rishon Letzion.
2003-Carmel Mhzrahi Rishon Letzion.            
2004- Beit Asia, Tel Aviv. 
           Arts and Crafts Castra, Haifa. 
           "Ohel Shem" Eshkol Hapais, Ramat Gan.
2006-Ein Hod Beit Hatarbut.
2007-Facultad de Derecho Buenos Aires
2008-Erlich Gallery Tel Aviv.
2009-Beit Haomanim Rehovot

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